About PrEPárate

Diagram depicting the population of Hispanic/Latinx people representing 16% of the US population in 2019, while 29% of that same population was diagnosed with HIV. Source was gained from Center for disease control and prevention, NCHHSTP ATLASPLUS

About the campaign

PrEPárate is a campaign to promote PrEP among Latina/x/o communities in Illinois. The campaign name was selected directly by local youth and adults who participated in a crowdsourcing contest on social media. Our team was inspired to launch this campaign to support access to PrEP among Latina/x/o communities, as our community has been unfairly impacted by HIV.

Campaign Partners

Campaign Creative Leads

Verónica Martínez - Illustration

Verónica Martínez is a queer artist, muralist and Illustrator based in Chicago. Her work has been featured in the Chicago Reader, and the Latinx Identity Podcast. In 2021, she received an award for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts and Humanities from the Office of the Illinois State Treasurer.

Her illustratration works appear in multiple newspapers and magazines, including the Cicero Independiente, Injustice Watch, and The Trace. Her work appears alongside articles that focus on voting rights, police misconduct, and education issues. She has created murals in support of the Black Lives Matter movement at three Alivio Medical Center locations across Chicagoland. In 2021, she created "Flourish" together with Edgar Sosa, a 2,430 sq. ft. mural at the Yorktown Center. She continues to seek projects that allow her to tell visual stories through a social justice lens.

Alejandro Muñoz - Social Media & Web Design

Alejandro Muñoz is a queer Mexican illustrator and designer. He is currently with the Department of Research at the CORE Center of Cook County Health in Chicago, IL. Alejandro is the design lead for the social media engagement strategy for the Cook County HIV Integrated Program, including COVID and HIV prevention research at the CORE Center.

"As a queer Latino immigrant, I feel it's my duty to uplift and create social sanctuaries for the many voices of undocumented and or folk who fear seeking public services, no matter the reason." - Alejandro

André Perez - Videography

André Perez is a Puerto Rican and trans educator, filmmaker, social impact producer, and community organizer with over 15 years of experience using storytelling for social change.

He's currently producing two feature-length films, A Run for More, a documentary about a Latina fighting to become the first openly transgender elected official in Texas, and Desire Lines, a film exploring historical and contemporary experiences of trans masculine people in gay sexual culture.

Daniel Reyes - Photography

"As a photographer, my goal is for my photos to transport both the subject and the viewer to a bold, colorful and exciting world. With photography you can create a whole fantasy around yourself. When designing a set for a picture, I try to create an entirely new reality in collaboration with the subject, one that both reflects and highlights the person's identity." - Daniel

José Rosa - Branding & Graphic Design

José is a Queer Boricua graphic designer, and is based in Chicago. José focuses on social justice issues and concepts related to Latinx communities and identities. José uses branding, photography, and typography as a vehicle for creative expression.